Flying With Eagles

Although I couldn’t quit taking pictures of the eagles sitting in trees when nothing else was going on, I didn’t go to Seabeck to take pictures of Bald Eagles sitting in trees; I can get lots of those by walking a half mile or so and sitting in Pt. Defiance Park until a Bald Eagle lands in the tallest tree. No, I went to Seabeck to get pictures of eagles in action. And I certainly got a lot of action even before the serious fishing actually began.

Because the road is up on a levy, you get a great chance to see eagles at eye level. It’s definitely a very different view of an eagle.

Bald Eagle

At times you even get the uncomfortable feeling that they’re staring straight at you, like this immature eagle was during as it made a loop right in front of me.

Bald Eagle

When you’re looking through a telephoto lens you can even get startled when they fly by so close that you can’t possibly get the entire wings in the frame.

They almost feel like they’re brushing up against you as they fly by.

 Bald Eagle

My favorite, though, is when they swoop down to pick up a fish or intimidate a heron or another eagle.

Bald Eagle

For a few hours I was flying with eagles, far away from daily cares.

7 thoughts on “Flying With Eagles”

  1. Hello Loren, just discovered your blog yesterday when I was doing a search on a poem by Jeffers. Very nice work. Great photos of birds! I am in love with raptors, so I love these eagle pics.

    1. Sounds like you have good taste, Erin, or, at least, similar taste to mine. I haven’t read jeffers for awhile, but he definitely is one of America’s most powerful poets.

  2. Every time we saw a bald eagle in the US on any one of our numerous visits we were enthralled Loren. Americans seem to take this beautiful bird forgranted. Similarly with grackles – we thought the noise they made outside our hotel in the trees was amazing – the people in the hotel were desperately trying to get rid of them!

    1. Yes, familiarity does have that unfortunate tendency, doesn’t it?

      I often feel that way about Starlings since they’re an invasive species without any natural enemies here, but when you see them through a camera lens in breeding colors they are amazingly beautiful.

  3. Hello. I love your work and am interested in using one of your pictures. Please let me know if this is possible and of any required procedures. Thanks.

    1. Will you email and tell me how you want to use the picture? My email is in the upper right corner of the site (my name in brown letters).

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