Birding Seabeck

I’ve been hearing about the Bald Eagles that gather at Big Beef Creel near Seabeck for several years now but have never had enough details to get there at the right time. This year fellow birder and photographer Dave Goudy filled me in with all the details I needed to finally get there at the right time. Unfortunately the best time was 6:45, which meant I had to leave home by 5:30. That turned out not to be a problem because I woke up by 5:00 AM. Not surprisingly, I was almost the first one there.

Not quite, though, because I was greeted by a classic three-year-old Bald Eagle perched on a telephone pole right above the creek.

Immature Bald Eagle

And there were several Great Blue Herons already standing on the shore of the creek,

Great Blue Heron

which I focused on at first because they were so close.

Before long I was serenaded by several Bald Eagles from the tall firs overlooking the creek.

 Bald Eagles

This lone eagle

Bald Eagle

was so close to the road that it was impossible to ignore it and Dave and I must have spent nearly 30 minutes taking shots of it, moving closer and closer and it never moved, though it did seem to glare at us at times.

About 45 minutes after I’d arrived more Great Blue Herons began to land in the shallow waters as the tide went out.

Great Blue Herons

It wasn’t too much longer before our eagle launched itself

Bald Eagle

and began to circle the beach.

Bald Eagle

It was the beginning of an exciting morning where I captured some of the best shots I’ve ever gotten of both eagles and Great Blue Herons.

7 thoughts on “Birding Seabeck”

  1. Wonderful shots indeed Loren – I did once spot a Bald Eagle on one of my trips to the US – I have never seen a great blue heron, we have only grey heron here – one on our beck in fact.

  2. Wonderful photos, Loren. It’s getting so that I can hardly wait to get to the computer every morning to see what you have produced this time. Must have been a thrilling day for you.

    1. Yes, I’m sorry it took me so long to take advantage of the opportunity. It’s hard not to get a good picture when they’re this close.

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