Birding is Slowing Around Here

After the great day I had birding at Theler I was anxious to get back as soon as possible, so I went back just four days later. I still found a few birds that were content to stand around while I photographed of them, like this Tree Swallow.

Tree Swallow

There were even a few birds still desperately trying to attract a mate, like this Song Sparrow, and poses like this are easy to capture.

Song Sparrow

But, generally, birds were much harder to find than four days before, possibly because many are too busy building nests

Tree Swallow with nesting material

to stand around posing.

Others who long ago mated are even busier, keeping their hatchlings alive


and safe from frightening photographers.

In other words, birding was just “okay,” but not nearly as inspiring as four days earlier.

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