Gavin’s First Football Game

Gavin’s parents were out of town this weekend for a Robotics Competition so we had Gavin overnight and had the privilege of seeing him play in his first-ever football game. We went to the first half of an all-day junior high football jamboree and got to see him play in two short scrimmages.

He plays “fullback” though it definitely is not the fullback position that I knew when I was young enough to still play the game. He played either the up-back or split out to the side. He’s got all the athletic ability and size needed to play, but it was obvious that he and his team still had a lot of skills to work on.

Still, it was a thrill just to be there on his first play on an organized football team:


I even saw him take his first hand-off and try to sprint around left end.


He only gained two or three yards, but at least it took four guys to bring him down.


I think we only saw him carry the ball twice, and he spent most of the morning blocking for his teammates.

Gavin Blocking

His style probably left much to be desired, but he generally managed to get in front of at least one opponent, and that seemed like a good beginning to me.

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  1. Wonderful photos! American (or any kind) of football means nothing to me, but I’m moved by the fluid shapes and patterns of the boys’ overlapping bodies in speedy action. Same skills required as for capturing birds in flight,I guess.

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