More Birding

There’s been precious little time for birding lately, but since Dawn and Rich will be on vacation the next two weeks I’m hoping to get a lot more birding done. Good thing, too, because it seems Spring migration is really beginning.

Meanwhile, I managed to sneak out to Theler Wetlands and Port Orchard again during a short sun break. I’m still amazed how the camera can pick up droplets of water when ducks run to get airborne.

pair of Buffleheads taking off

And, of course, a quick shutter speed makes it possible to actually freeze the wings, something the human eye can’t quite manage.

male Bufflehead in flight

Considering how bright the markings on the male Bufflehead, it’s probably a good thing that he seems even faster than his mate.

This shot also manages to “freeze time” but quite differently than the previous shot. It’s a shot of male Red-Breasted Mergansers in very different stages of donning their breeding colors.

male Red-Breasted Mergansers

It’s hard to believe that soon all three will look like the male in the center of the picture.