Another Sunny Day at Theler

We got another sunny day on Monday, so I headed back to Belfair. There are lots of non-native plants blooming in my neighborhood, but you’re never sure Spring is really near until native plants like Skunk Cabbage

  Skunk Cabbage

begin to appear in the wetlands. Of course, there were only two, so it might merely be a sign of individual fool-hardiness.

Still, the Song Sparrows seemed convinced Spring is near because they were serenading loudly,

Song Sparrow

trying desperately to drown out rivals and Marsh Wrens

 Marsh Wrens

which seemed equally intent on staking their claim to some small part of these wetlands and finding a mate.

Luckily, they don’t have to compete directly with the larger and louder Canada Geese who have begun to pair off

Canada Geese

and claim the best nesting sites.

There may be some Winter left, but I’m not the only one anticipating Spring.