Yes, There were Some Birds at Yellowstone, too

I certainly wouldn’t advise fellow birders to go to Yellowstone if their primary desire is to see birds. I saw a lot more deer and elk than I did birds, even if you count the small flock of Canada Geese I observed. The best bird I saw was the Osprey nest I posted a few days ago

Simply by keeping my eyes open I got a chance to see a number of birds, though in lesser numbers than I usually see them in the Puget Sound. For instance, I saw this lone Scaup near a flock of Canada Geese:


I saw my first ever Widgeon ducklings,


Though they don’t look very different from the Mallard ducklings I’m used to seeing.

Somehow this Robin seemed more wild than the one that frequents my backyard,


Though he seemed equally willing to pose for me.

The best songbird I saw was in the campground, this Western Tanager.

Western Tananger

I’d be the first to admit, though, that none of the birds I saw quite measured up to the three bull elk that I saw.

bull Elk

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