Yellowstone Scenics

I’ve already mentioned that I was more interested in seeing animals than in seeing the standard tourist attractions in Yellowstone this visit, but that doesn’t mean I ignored the inherent beauty. No, I’ve just been frustrated in trying to convey the sense of beauty I felt while there. I’m generally not a fan of 3-D or stereoscopic photographs, but I am frustrated at being unable to convey the sense of depth, of distance, that I felt while taking these pictures at Artist Point.

My first reaction when taking this shot was “Wow!!” because I was looking straight down at huge, rugged cliffs hundreds of feet below. Unfortunately, he camera flattened the shot, making the background and foreground appear on the same plane,

Artist Point

despite spending nearly an hour in Photoshop trying to accent the closest cliffs and blur the valley walls across the river.

Sometimes it seems scenics are better when seen at a distance. This shot of a waterfall in the distance reveals the power of the river as it cut through the canyon.


This shot looking the other way, down the canyon toward Yellowstone Lake perhaps gives a better sense of just how deep the canyon is.

looking south from Artist Point

The waterfall in this shot isn’t too spectacular, but I love the rock shapes above the falls.


It seems that even going towards The Tetons rather than turning north towards Old Faithful it’s impossible to completely miss evidence that this is still an active volcanic area. The bubbling sulfur reminds us of the powerful forces that created this majestic area.

sulfur pits

3 thoughts on “Yellowstone Scenics”

    1. Thanks, Janey.

      Some is more terrific than others, but it’s probably the not-so-terrific shots that keep me motivated to do better.

  1. It’s been a year since we stayed in the park, my first time, these photos bring it back. Can still feel the wobble in my legs at the edge. Always sit more comfortably with the photos it seems. thanks, kjm

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