Saint Vrain State Park

Finally back from Colorado via Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, but I’m still putting my life back together and haven’t had time to sort through my shots, so I’ll settle for the shots I took at Saint Vrain State Park where Tyson, Logan and I spent the 4th of July morning since the girls thought it was too hot to go walking.

I was surprised to see more Avocets,


since I’ve never seen one in Colorado all the times I’ve previously visited there. Why is it so often after you see a bird for the first time you suddenly see it everywhere?

The trend continued with another sighting of a Western Kingbird, which, I discovered on my internet search, is a fairly common bird in Colorado, though I’ve only seen them there once or twice before.

Western Kingbird

I was also pleased to see a number of White Pelicans,

White Pelican

probably not surprising since some of the minor lakes were called Pelican Lakes.

Despite my best efforts to capture one in flight, the best shot I managed was of this one coming in for a a landing, revealing the black underside of its wings.

White Pelican

I was also attracted to these flowers, which looked similar to what’s called “fireweed” in the Northwest but I don’t remember seeing before.


One of the delights of traveling to new places is that we see “common” plants and animals in a new light, plants we would probably ignore entirely if we were to see them in our own backyard.