Birding Carolyn Holmberg Preserve

Realizing that my usual birding sites weren’t very good at this time of year, I hunted up nearby places and found Carolyn Holmberg Preserve at Rock Creek Farm. It was so good that I visited it twice, though the second time wasn’t as rewarding as the first visit.

Logan, Zoe and I saw a pair of egrets at the end of the pond, but as we approached the Egret took off, which was alright by me since I prefer shots of birds in flight:

Great Egret in Flight

As I was looking at the egret take off, I noticed a strange bird in my peripheral vision. It turned out to be a Night Heron

Night Heron

which quickly took off as we approached.

Night Heron in flight

As a bonus, a juvenile Night Heron that we hadn’t even seen took off.

juvenile Night Heron

This must be the year of the Night Heron as I’ve managed to see them almost everywhere I’ve been this year.

Perhaps the highlight of the day was seeing a Avocet in full breeding colors, the first time I’ve ever seen one outside of Malheur.


And even it obliged by taking off for me:

Avocet in flight

2 thoughts on “Birding Carolyn Holmberg Preserve”

  1. It’s hard for me to imagine something as transparent and fragile looking as the egrets wings carrying the bird aloft. I guess those delicate looking feathers must be very strong.

  2. I have been catching up on your posts of your trip and really enjoy your pictures of birds in flight. I keep trying to learn from you and others (and books) about identifying birds other than the ones that come regularly to my feeders.

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