Birding Broomfield

I’ve never visited Tyson and his family mid-summer,so I didn’t know what to expect in the way of birding. When I arrived, I also learned that they had plowed the field across from their house so they could set off fireworks without danger of fire.

For whatever reason, I only saw a single Red-Winged Blackbird and two Red-Shafted Flickers, all of which avoided my camera. All I ended up during my hour-long walk was this shot of a grasshopper.


Thankfully, the birding was a little better the next morning when I took Logan out to breakfast and birding at Dry Creek. Of course, we saw more Prairie Dogs

Prairie Dogs

than anything else, but since I only see them when I’m in Colorado I don’t mind spending some time trying to get a good shot.

Actually, we might have seen more Cliff Swallows

Cliff Swallows

than Prairie Dogs, but they were flying so fast I never got any kind of exact count of them.

We saw several Magpies in the distance, but this shot of one on a telephone pole was the only one I thought worth keeping.


I had hoped to get a shot of the pair of Swainson Hawks I had seen here previously, but ended up getting a shot of this juvenile.

juvenile Swainson Hawk

Considering my luck the day before, I was elated that I’d managed to find more birds while birding with Logan.

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