Charm Against a Rainy Day

Sometimes it’s reassuring to look back at bright moments to dispel the gloom that seems to be closing in. April has been wetter than usual, and rain dominates our forecast.

Looking out my den window, it’s hard to believe the sun will ever dispel these clouds shrouding the ground. Almost as hard to believe these pictures were taken on a Friday just a little over two weeks ago.

leaf in sunshine

I’m used to seeing Trillium blooming in the mountains in mid to late-summer; it’s hard to believe they bloom in early April here in the lowlands.


At least this White Fawn Lily had the good sense to take the precaution of not looking up directly at the sky,


but these Poet’s Shooting-Stars

Poet's Shooting-Stars

didn’t seem to anticipate the torrential rains soon to follow. They remind me a little of myself on a sunny day. Carpe Diem!

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