Theler Flowers

The weather was better than the birding at Theler Wetlands Sunday and today. Although I did manage to get a few bird shots, my favorite shots were flower shots.

I’ve always thought this red and yellow Columbine was a striking flower, reminding me of a shooting star.


I’m really not sure what this flower is or even whether it was on a tree or just a large plant. This is really larger than life-size, but it struck me as a mini-bouquet.

unidentifiable flower

I’m sure many people view foxglove as a weed, and I’m sure this one was a volunteer since it was growing next to a shed and not in a flower bed. Still, it’s a favorite that I always liked grow when it shows up in one of my own flowerbeds.


The dominant flower now, though, is definitely the wild roses that line much of the one and a half mile long trail. Though they’re not all is perfect as this one

Wild Rose

they always strikes me as the archetypal “flower” by which all other flowers should be judged.