Summer Residents

The calendar may say it’s still Spring, but the flowers and birds all seem to be saying that Summer has arrived. All of our winter residents (Goldeneyes, Mergansers, Grebes) seem to have left and summer residents have arrived.

This is the second week I’ve glimpsed the Cedar Waxwings at Theler, and this time I even managed to get a passable shot.

Cedar Waxwings

The Tree Swallows seem to have taken residence in nesting boxes, leaving the Barn Swallows who nest under the boardwalk to occupy the railings while not building their nests under the boardwalk.

Barn Swallow

And as I sat watching television the other evening I noticed a hummingbird resting in the front garden.


This is the earliest I’ve had a hummingbird stay around the yard. The crocosmia haven’t bloomed yet, and they are what usually attract the hummingbirds. This year, though, some native volunteers seem to have drawn them.


While I enjoy the sunshine, it generally means birding locally will dramatically slow down in the upcoming weeks, at least until the Fall migration starts.