A Visit to Seabeck

Despite some rainy days, we have had a number of good days in the last two weeks, enough good days to start getting the yard in shape (mowing the lawn, trimming border weeds, and weeding flower beds) AND, more importantly, and get out in nature. A week ago Sunday Leslie and I drove up to Seabeck and around the peninsula. I wanted to see if the Eagles were in, since this is much-beloved eagle site of photographers. No eagles, though I saw some great shots taken by a local.

However, the weather was great, if windy, and I can’t imagine how you get could a better view of the snow-covered Olympics.

Olympic Mountains

There may not have been many eagles, but with a very low tide the Great Blue Herons seemed to be having a convention. They were everywhere.

Great Blue Heron

It was equally hard to miss the starfish in the oyster beds. When we finally got out and walked the beach ourselves we were amazed at the size of these starfish.


It’s a good thing that the gull I showed recently wasn’t trying to swallow one of these. He might have gotten swallowed instead.

The large flocks of Common Goldeneye couldn’t seem to decide if they were here to feast on oysters or to party with the ladies, though it looked like wooing, at least with the males, seemed to take precedence.

Common Goldeneye

We didn’t see any birds after leaving Seabeck, though we saw lots of people. (Washingtonians may not see much sunshine, but they definitely know how to celebrate it.)

Luckily, the scenery kept getting better and better as we got even closer to the Olympics,

Olympic Mountains

though I doubt I’ll retrace the route very soon when there are scenic routes that offer better birding.

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  1. There are lots of eagles here around Lummi Island where we live. Come up and visit and take bird pics here.

    1. It’s a bit of a drive but I might take you up on that. Do the Eagles tend to be there in a particular season or all year long?

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