Sun Breaks

I think I may have suggested recently that readers should be expecting some comments on poetry I have been reading, but once again sunshine as waylaid my best intentions.

I’m sure, though, that Chuang Tau would not have approved of being stuck inside staring at a computer screen while the sun called from outside.

And personally, I would consider it heresy to resist the call of spring daffodils in full sunlight.


So, when are current spell of sunshine began I spent the afternoon at Waughop Lake in Steilacoom. I never know what to expect when I go there, but this time the lake was full of Northern Shovelers.

pair of Northern Shovelers

In fact, the only “unusual” bird I saw was this Ruddy Duck, which must be beginning to migrate considering I’ve seen them a couple times lately.

Ruddy Duck

It’s a good thing I’m fond of my photographs, or I would suspect that I’m beginning to use them as an excuse not to do the hard thinking I feel obliged to do before I comment on important books that I really like. I have two long books I’ve finished reading but still haven’t managed to wrap my mind around yet.