A Quick Visit to The Rose Garden

Yesterday we finally got a short break from the week’s rain, so I took the opportunity to drive down to the Point Defiance Rose Garden and Rhododendron Garden.

As might be expected after such heavy, warm rains, there were lots of flowers in bloom but many weren’t in the best of condition.

For instance, lots of the iris were in bloom but they seemed unusually short, almost stunted.

Purple and White Iris

A lot of the early tulips in the borders were well past their prime, but some of the later hybrids were as vibrant as I’ve ever seen them,

Hybrid Tulips

goblets of sunshine.

As usual, if you keep your eyes open you’ll see new varieties throughout the garden. I loved this delicate little flower,

unknown white flower

which looked like it might have been even more impressive earlier.

Naturally, I also stopped off at the Rhododendron Garden, a personal favorite. When we were here little over a week ago with the grandkids there weren’t many flowers at all, but a lot of the earlier varieties are now in full bloom,

pink Rhododendron

and unfortunately the heavy rain is even caused some of them to start dropping their blossoms.

Even a few of the later varieties seem to have started to bloom,

salmon-colored Rhododendron

though there are even more that have not blossomed yet. Still, if you’re a Tacoma resident and like rhododendrons you’d probably enjoy a visit to the garden as much as I did.