Prehistoric? Updated

Can you guess what this prehistoric-looking monster is?


Not sure I would know if I hadn’t taken the picture myself.

Give it a guess.


Here’s the original shot. I’ve never seen a goose that looks quite like this so I assume it comes from crossbreeding.

Goose with Unusual Beak

11 thoughts on “Prehistoric? Updated”

  1. I have no idea, except that it reminds me of the time when my nephew was very young and visiting at my parents’ house in Gualala on the California coast. He looked out the window and saw wild turkeys in the yard and yelled excitedly for my sister to come quickly and see the dinosaurs!

  2. I’ve enjoyed visiting your site for a long time but have never made a comment before. Looking closely I realized that what looks like an eye at first glance is probably a nostril. So I thought it must be a large flightless bird. I did a little research and I’d say it’s a cassowary.
    I really enjoy your magnificent photos and your poetry selections.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Mary.

      You’re right that it’s a large, flightless bird but it’s not a cassowary; it’s a variety of a common American bird, though this one appeared to be a hybrid.

      I’ll be posting the complete shot this evening

        1. Thanks, Doug, like most of these birds found in the wild it had obviously escaped from captivity and was enjoying its freedom with a flock of Canada Geese.

    1. I was originally thinking about posting this with the question, “Do Geese have teeth,” which is apparently a common question, am.

      They don’t. But they sure look like teeth in the photo.

  3. You always have something exciting to offer. The shot is beautiful and the subject in its subtlety truly so.

  4. I thought I’ve responded to this earlier but I’ll have a go any way. Very short, precise and clear. It is on!

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