Christmas Mantra

I have much more to say about May’s Cry for Myth and I’ll get back to that as soon as I find some time, but right now I’m completely caught up in the Christmas moment.

Most of my time lately has been spent in the kitchen making, and decorating, cookies.

Christmas Cookies

Needless to say there’s also been parties and plays to attend, but ‘tis the season to see and be seen.

I’ve also worked hard at maintaining my exercise schedule, even adding back the Yoga class I haven’t attended since hurting my back last Christmas, even though it still hasn’t kept me from adding my usual winter insulation.

10 thoughts on “Christmas Mantra”

  1. Those Santa cookies and Christmas Tree cookies and that photograph are beautiful, Loren!

    It’s not been easy keeping quiet until January 1st. Today I am making an exception. I’ve got to say I sure do appreciate all your recent posts, beginning with Rollo May’s My Quest for Beauty, and I was quite moved by the story of the The Happy Prince and the swallow, which has elements of the story of Jumping Mouse:

    i.e., the part about giving one’s eyes for the benefit of another being.

    I could easily be going overboard, but my guess is that Bob Dylan’s reading of Rollo May in the early 1960s prompted him to write:

    “It’s all new t’ me
    Like some mystery
    It could even be like a myth.”

    I know that my guiding myth as a little girl was encapsulated in the poem my parents read to me:

    Bobby Shaftoe’s gone to sea

    He’ll come back and marry me.

    Bobby Shaftoe’s bright and fair
    Combing out his yellow hair
    He’s my love forevermore.

    Why else would I have waited so long for Richard to return?

    I also remember a Sunday school class (I might have been 8 years old) where the teacher said that Jesus was everywhere. She showed us a picture of New York City with a transparent but very kind Jesus superimposed over the image. One of the boys said, “You mean that Jesus is in my pocket, too? He was skeptical, wondering if the Sunday School teacher was speaking of myths. All of us children giggled. We had found some fun in all of the seriousness. I don’t remember that the teacher laughed, but I hope she (or he) did.

    A Very Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. The cookies are wonderful, Loren. The whole family is intrigued and ready to try its collective hand at a similar project. (What a mess that’ll be to clean up.)

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