Sunday’s Special Moment

Despite a relative lack of birds, Sunday’s walk at Belfair was a delight. It’s hunting season, and it’s impossible to ignore the duck hunters blasting away at the edge of the wetlands. Needless to say, as a result birds are easily spooked, and rightfully so. I try to avoid harassing them, even if that means not getting any closeups.

This was about as close as I could get to a small flock of Northern Pintail ducks without disturbing them.

Northern PIntails

There weren’t even many songbirds, though I did encounter a small flock of Purple Finches

Purple Finch

feeding on what’s left of last Fall’s berries.

The special moment of the morning took place just as a I was leaving when this Hawk flew straight down at the path at me and gracefully landed on a branch slightly above my head


At first I was sure it was a Sharp-Shinned Hawk, but the more I read the less sure I am. It could also be a Cooper’s Hawk (maybe a sharp-eyed reader will be able to identify it more positively).