Getting-To-Know-You Quiz

After waking up on my birthday to discover that there was a critical upgrade to WordPress and spending much of the morning updating an invisible site twice, I remembered that my FTP client hadn’t been updated when my site was moved to a new server. It’s all up to date now, though, but I’m too tired to actually write a new post, so I stole this from The Solitary Walker.

Anyone for an end of year getting-to-know-you quiz, or are we all totally sick of games, quizzes, crossword puzzles, paper hats, mince pies, family arguments and all other things Christmassy by now? You must answer quickly, without too much reflection, and you must give one answer only – no hedging, or giving several alternatives etc! (Of course, it goes without saying that many of the answers will change every time we do the quiz.)

1. Best band/rock ‘n’ roll band?
2. Favourite pop/rock/whatever single?
3. Greatest classical composer?
4. Best novel?
5. Favourite poem?
6. Greatest painting?
7. Just one meal before you die – what would it be?
8. Cats or dogs?
9. Town or country?
10. Blogging or jogging?
11. If a famous contemporary or historical figure could accompany you on a long walk, who would you like that person to be?
12. Favourite film?
13. If you could visit just one country you hadn’t been to before, what would that country be?
14. Most sympathetic religion/philosophy of life?
15. Favourite city?
16. The dark wood or the airy hill?
17. Most compelling actor/actress?
18. Most memorable holiday?
19. Solitary walks or walks with a companion?
20. Christmas or Easter?

My answers: 1. Creedance Clearwater Revival 2. Van Morrison: Dweller on the Threshold 3. Bach 4. Jude the Obscure 5 Hardy’s “The Darkling Thrush” 6 La Guernicca 7 Lobster 8 Dogs 9 country 10 blogging 11 Walt Whitman 12 She Wore a Yellow Ribbon 13 Scotland 14 Buddhism 15 Seattle 16 Airy Hill 17 John Wayne 18 Christmas 19 Solitary Walks 20 Christmas, see 17