Three from Ocean Shores

I finally managed to sort through last Wednesday’s beach pictures, and other than the Hudsonian picture I posted earlier and a sequence of Red-Necked Phalarope shots, these are my favorites from the 400+ shots I took that day.

This shot of a Hermann’s gull is probably a favorite because the Hermann gull is a favorite and not because it’s a particularly great shot.

Hermann's Gull Landing

It probably doesn’t hurt that I’ve only seen it in recent years, and only during migrations.

This Short-Billed Dowitcher

Short-Billed Dowitcher

is one of the three that was accompanying the Hudsonian Gods and consequently hardly got a second notice from everyone except me.

And finally, here’s a shot of an immature Lesser Yellowlegs,

Lesser Yellowlegs

another personal favorite, though they’re hardly rare.