I use to think of myself as a pretty liberal-kinda-guy, though I’ve always been square enough to think that cheating on your wife/husband was immoral. In other words, I’m sure some people thought I was square while others thought I was immoral.

Though I find the idea of a women being forced to wear a burqa totally repugnant, I don’t find it much more repugnant that this ad for Sears that appeared in my local Sunday Paper.

Objectionable Sears Ad

While I might not object to finding it online at some of the sites I visit, like Sports Illustrated, this piece of crap is directed to “juniors” for a “back-to-school event!”

I’m not sure what Patridge is doing in the shot, but hopefully it doesn’t have anything to do with school. Luckily Patridge isn’t really a “junior,” or I’d be tempted to call this kiddy porn.

I wonder why someone whose online search for images turns up shots like this is being pushed as a model for teenage girls.

If I still had kids, I’d be boycotting Sears right now. There’s certainly no way I’d want my teenager acting like this anywhere, much less school.

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