Tacoma Museum of Glass

Saturday we accompanied our guests to the Tacoma Museum of Glass, a favorite destination of visitors. I’ll admit I have mixed feelings about the museum. I’ve loved a couple of the exhibits I’ve seen and been totally turned off by others.

Luckily, the current display of Preston Singletary’s works combined glasswork and Tlingit designs. I wish I was rich enough to purchase one of his works. Unfortunately, you’re not allowed to take pictures in the main gallery, but you can in the Hot Room, which included this piece by Preston.

Glass Orca

We were fortunate enough to visit on one of the days when Preston was blowing glass in the Hot Shop. We were able to see he and the museum staff produce a bowl, step

Glass Blowing

by step,

Glass Blowing

and were even able to ask questions about his work at the end.

Preston Singletary

Although Preston is no longer working in the Hot Shop, his exhibit will continue, and it’s well worth a visit if you’re in the Seattle Tacoma area. If you can’t visit, the next best thing might be a visit to his web site where he has a gallery that includes a number of pieces on display. It’s an impressive site.

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