Perhaps one of the reasons I’m so motivated to work on our yard is that it looks shabbier than I can ever remember it looking. We had a sudden week of deep freezing just before Christmas and it has taken its toll on the front flowerbed that the previous homeowner had planted. Over half the plants died, to be replaced by weeds.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the deer seem even peskier than in previous years, eating the tulips that flower in the front bed quicker than I can get a picture of them. These two


are the only survivors from ten that were in full bloom when I went to bed the previous night.

Skye is almost as hard on the flowers in the backyard. He doesn’t eat them, but this pretty tulip

Yellow and White TulipT

is one of the few that has managed to escape Skye’s trampling on the flowerbed, when he isn’t burying his bone.

One of my few real triumphs so far is this Jack-in-the-Pulpit


that I bought last year when I visited the Weyerhaeuser Rhododendron Garden.

Hopefully things will improve when I finally get a fence around the flowerbeds in the back and transplant what tulips are left in the front to the backyard.

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