Jeff and Debbie were visiting from California so I took them down to the Pt Defiance Boathouse and Owens Beach while Leslie was working. It was a fortuitous visit because blue skies met with unusual birds. This is the first time I’ve ever seen Harlequin Ducks here.

Pair of Harlequin Ducks

The highlight of the walk was watching a bald eagle try to steal a sole from a cormorant that was having trouble swallowing it because it was too wide for his throat even though I didn’t catch a single good shot.

Later, we were also thrilled to hear these two mating eagles hold a long conversation.

Pair Of Bald Eagles

We finished the day at Purdy at Margaret and Cory’s house where I saw my first Yellowlegs of the season


and captured a closeup of this Killdeer.


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  1. i hold my breath through your posts loren. i don’t know birds as well as you and i don’t see them as clearly and closely as you do. it’s such a gift!!! steven

  2. Wonderful portraits of some of my favorite birds. Especially like the killdeer and the Bald eagle pair.

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