Waiting For the Ferry

If I needed any more confirmation that birding is unpredictable, last Friday’s trip to Vashon provided more evidence that you never know what to expect. There were relatively few birds at the two places we sought out, but the ferry dock where we spent nearly an hour waiting for the next ferry became a source of many shots, perhaps just because I spent time standing quietly in one spot.

There were too many cormorants sitting around to count, but my favorite shot turned out to be this one of cormorants in the distance:

Cormorants on a log

I also spent more time than I’ve done before observing the strange behavior of this gull, watching him dunking repeatedly for something,

Gull Bobbing

for what became quite obvious with this shot:

Cull with Clam

Heck we stood around so long that we got to see a pair of eagles soaring far overhead, and this Red-Tailed Hawk,

Red-Tail Hawk

even though it seemed to be missing the distinguishing red tail.

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