Sun Dodger

Obligations and rapidly changing weather have made it impossible for me to get out and take pictures or to find time to sit down and read W.S. Merwin’s The Shadow of Sirius so far this week.

I started out the weekend with high hopes of getting some bird pictures since Mike and I spent Saturday at Point No Point. It was a fun trip, but unfortunately, the weather, and birds weren’t cooperative. It didn’t rain, but there were so many people and dogs on the beach that birding was marginal. The dark, overcast sky made it difficult to get shots of birds in flight, even with the help of Aperture and Photoshop. This is probably my best shot of the day, though it will probably end up being deleted in my next editing round:

Cormorant Skimming Water

Monday would have been a great day to go out birding, but the grandkids were here and I have a standing commitment to help the Tahoma Audubon produce their newspaper calendar and it needed to be done Monday. By the time I’d actually finished the calendar, taken Skye for his daily walk, and spent time with Grandkids the day was over.

I started Tuesday with a trip to the YMCA for Tai Chi and an hour rehabbing my leg in the weight room and hot tub. By the time I got home and took Skye for his walk, it was one o’clock, too late to drive very far, so I drove down to Titlow to see what was there. Mostly people as it turned out, taking advantage of our brief sunshine and warm temperatures. Unfortunately, all I saw were Widgeons, like this one:


Beautiful as they are, it’s hard to get excited when you have as many pictures of them as I already have.

I’m still hoping to go out birding today, but as of 10:00 AM, it’s still dark and overcast. I’m hoping the clouds will burn off, but it’s not looking good at the moment. If the grandkids weren’t here, I’d probably sit back and read poetry, but days like this remind me why I got so little poetry read while raising my own kids.

Needless to say, the forecast is for sunshine tomorrow, my day to go to the YMCA and take Skye to get his annual shots. No grandkids, either, but I can’t see how I’m going to fit in any photography tomorrow, though I might still try.

If I didn’t feel so lucky just to be retired and have the daily opportunity to get out and enjoy the sunshine when it appears, I’d be a lot more frustrated than I am now. I know I could never have managed to blog consistently while I was teaching.

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