What Happened to Winter?

It’s been unseasonably warm in the Pacific Northwest this month, a record month, or nearly so, and meteorologists are beginning to suggest that our winter may be nearly over.

The plants in my yard certainly seem to think so. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen an Iris appear this early before, but there’s actually two blooming in the front garden already.

First Iris of the Year

The Camelia always amazes me with its early blooms, but I don’t remember even it blooming this early before

First Camelia

5 thoughts on “What Happened to Winter?”

  1. hi loren – i live in the eastern woodlands of canada – we’ve had one major dump of snow and that’s it!!! last winter it snowed from mid-october to early april. i love the iris. it’s breathtaking loren. steven

  2. I wish I knew what kind it was, Harry. My wife said we planted Siberian Iris, but I don’t think that’s right. It’s much too short of a stem, reminds me more of a Crocus than a true Iris.

    I bought it as part of a set, with a small yellow “daffodil,” though the two never seem to emerge at the same time here.

  3. That iris is breathtaking!! Please send your warm weather here. We were at 60* today, but we are getting snow and ice tomorrow night.

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