Yesterday’s predicted sunshine was largely blocked by a fog that hung around most of the day, but I still went to Nisqually Wildlife Refuge as planned. A number of people have urged me to return, saying that the construction has slowed and the birds have started to return.

There’s still not much of the refuge is open, and what is open looks like it might have been landscaped by Weyerhaeuser. I’ve made it a point in my life not to be nostalgic, but I had a hard time not feeling nostalgic over the reconstruction that’s going on, even if I’m still not up to tackling a five-mile loop. That sense of nostalgia wasn’t helped by the fact that I wasn’t the only visitor wandering around looking like he’d just returned home after a hurricane had just passed through.

Still, I managed to find some old friends hanging around, especially this Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron Standing

which may or may not be this Great Blue Heron that I found on the other side of the refuge just as I was leaving.

Great Blue Heron Hunting Frogs

And, no matter how many times I’ve experienced it, I still get a thrill when a flock of Canada Geese comes flying by at nose level to make a landing.

Canada Geese Flying

That said, I doubt I’ll be back soon. Perhaps after nature has had some time to heal itself, I’ll be able to see it differently, but for now I prefer to seek out new places to explore.