How I Spent My Virtual Holiday

Although my back problems kept me from sitting very long at the computer and from taking long birding trips, I’ve really been too busy entertaining family to keep up with this blog the last two weeks anyway. It’s been a hectic, joyous two weeks, though I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m also ready to take a break and settle back into my normal schedule.

Entertaining seven grandkids at one time is quite a challenge, even with Skye’s help herding them.

The Grandkids

I was too busy enjoying myself to capture all the events with my camera, but I did manage to capture a few of the highlights of the two weeks Tyson and his family were here. We began by decorating Christmas trees, and it appeared Zoe may be a good candidate to carry the baton when I have to pass it on:

Zoe decorating cookies

Somehow we managed to open presents at least four different times, though no one’s presents were quite as special as Santa’s:

Lots of Presents to Open

Legos were big this year, which, in turn, meant a lot of time spent helping kids learning to follow directions.

Jen helps Logan build a Space Ship

Gramps was so busy helping grandkids build that he really didn’t have enough time to take pictures.

Unfortunately, Gramps had to skip a few of the activities to go to physical therapy and just plain give his back a rest.

And a good thing, too, because when I went to the zoo with them I had trouble keeping up, though hopefully walking and carrying a three year old compensated for the back exercises I skipped that day.

Kids Playground at the Zoo

After a morning at the zoo, the kids still had lots of energy left for our trip to Freighthouse Square,

Joke Family Portrait

Though they also had the patience to sit for nearly an hour at Lego Art Studios and put together bricks, somehow an appropriate ending for this year’s visit.

At Lego Art Studio

6 thoughts on “How I Spent My Virtual Holiday”

  1. What a lovely bunch of grandkids you have there on the stairs. Quite a handful at times I’m sure and also a lot of fun.

  2. Lovely family portraits, Loren!

    My favorite is of Leslie and Skye with the grandchildren. A fine photo in so many ways.

    Best wishes to you and your family in 2010!

  3. Part of me can’t believe that I’m writing “I wish I had some grandkids” – the part that still thinks of me as being 30 or so – but the other part of me, the part that knows my kids are all grown up, wishes I had somebody to play with. I’m jealous!

  4. Nobody would give me a shot of me holding two girls on my lap at the first Christmas while they played with Playdough!

    I really enjoy playing with Grandkids.

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