We spent most of our trip last week in Washtucna a small, friendly town that is a birding hotspot during spring and fall migration because of a nearby spring. I was attracted to the small display of old farm equipment.

Antique Plow

It’s pretty typical Eastern Washington country, with rocky outcroppings holding the high ground, while grass covers most of the rest.

Outcrop of Rocks

What makes Washtucna different, though, is the spring-fed trees that provide cover for migrating birds.

The trees and spring seem to provide adequate food and cover for a flock of wild turkeys that roost in the trees at night and walk the local streets and park in the morning and evening.

Turkey Roost

We saw hundreds of Yellow-rumped Warblers, a large number of Flickers, and, the last evening, a flock of Golden-Crowned Kinglets, which proved incredibly difficult to photograph as they flitted about overhead in the tree.

Golden-Crowned Kinglet