Paying Your Dues

I thought our trip to Ocean Shores started rather auspiciously Monday when we were immediately greeted by this Marsh Hawk, Northern Harrier, who circled just above our heads and checked us out

Northern Harrier

and circle again almost at head height.

Northern Harrier

I’ll admit I was awed looking straight into her eyes, so I wasn’t too surprised when I turned around and most of the small birds that had been feeding on the edge of the tide had disappeared, even though Northern Harriers generally seem to feed on mice and other rodents, though Cornell says that they also take small birds, and occasionally even ducks.

We saw very few other birds the several hours we spent at Ocean Shores, despite considerable walking. After an hour or so trudging across sand dunes with nothing to show for my efforts, I felt a little like this shoe.

Boot on Post

Unwilling to admit we’d been skunked, we decided to check out Tokeland before heading back to Tacoma.

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  1. Loren, a stunning trip. Love the way this one turns the table on you–who’s zooming whom? kjm

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