I’ve Been Remiss

About much more than I’ll ever admit to, obviously, but I’m specifically referring to my failure to update my Blogroll since WordPress crashed the theme Shelley Powers had created for me several months ago.

I have many excuses for not doing so, primarily frustration that I was unable to order the list the way I had previously done, from earliest links to most recent links. If I’d been able to do that I’m convinced I would have been able to get the blogroll completed rather rapidly.

When I started blogging I always used my blogroll to visit other sites, which also happened to be a lot less than there are now. However, in recent years I’ve been using NetNewsWire to read blog entries. As a result, I have two lists of blogs which have evolved rather differently over the last year or two, something I wasn’t conscious of until quite recently.

It turns out that my original blogroll contained many blogs that haven’t published in months. Since NetNewsWire only provides recent updates, these blogs ended up getting lost in the crowd, which wasn’t too much of problem because if they did update their site, even after a year’s delay, I would receive the new entry. However, when I went to reconstruct my blogroll I had to decide whether to include these sites or not, not always an easy decision since I think it defeats the purpose of a blogroll to have dead links.

I also discovered that several bloggers have changed their sites over time and I always managed to update those in NewNewsWire but not in my blogroll. So comparing lists didn’t always make sense.

I’ve mentioned several times that I’m an INFTP on the Briggs-Meyer scale, which means by definition that I am not into details, particularly fine details. I dreaded the hours of work it took to actually make and check the blogroll, especially since I plan on exploring some different ways of presenting it in the near future. Luckily, there are WordPress plugins that should be able to help me with that and I won’t have to retype the old list. I can guarantee that any changes that involve retyping will not be taking place in the foreseeable future.

Meanwhile, if you’re a blogger who links to me and I’ve left you off the list let me know and I’ll be more than happy to add you to the list.

If you’ve really been paying attention to the list, you’ll notice that I went back and took of the brief descriptions I’d started adding to sites, since I couldn’t decide how to describe far too many blogs I link to.

Oh, and I’ve even managed to update my site to the latest version of WordPress.

6 thoughts on “I’ve Been Remiss”

  1. hi loren, i’ve wondered what would happen if my blog fell to pieces. hmmmm. i’d start all over again as if nothing ever was!!! you’ve done a lot of work!!! steven

  2. Well, the most important thing is to back-up, back-up, back-up, steven, which takes case of 90% of the problems that arise.

    It’s when you switch from one type of blog to another or you do “auto-update” and everything is erased that you have serious problems.

    I avoid looking too far back in my blog entries because sometimes the conversions did some real ugly things to the html and I once I see how it’s screwed up I have to fix it, no matter how long it takes.

  3. Thanks for including me, Loren. I need to re-do my blogroll too. I deleted it several months ago because there were corrections to be made, and I it wouldn’t let me do it piecemeal. So I got mad and said “Begone” and it was. If I do a new one, you’ll be sure to be on it.

  4. A lot of what you say is quite beyond me Loren as my computer knowledge is pretty sketchy – but I see I am on your blog roll and that is all that matters – I do so look forward to your photographs.

  5. Thanks for once again including me in your blogroll. Despite the lack of postings, I still intend to return to regular blogging, even if only 37 people still read blogs as opposed to Facebook.

  6. You’re on Facebook? Why haven’t you been suggested as a friend.

    I have noticed a sharp drop off in blog readership since Facebook has taken off.

    I now publish my MAD stuff (and I’m mad a lot at conservative Republicans even after our election) on Facebook because it’s easier than doing it here.

    Still, It seems to me real content is pretty much limited to a blog entry. I spend more time reading blogs than I’d ever spend on Facebook.

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