Greater White-Fronted Geese

Somehow I managed to completely ignore last week’s trip to Theler Wetlands in Belfair, even though it was the first time I’ve ever seen or photographed a flock of Greater White-Fronted Geese, a goose about half the size of a Canada Goose that nests in the northern Tundra.

I’m sure I would have just assumed they were Canada Geese if a birder with a scope hadn’t pointed them out to me in the distance, too far to see with the naked eye and too far to get a photo of.

However, once I’d seen them I kept my eye on them through much of my walk. When they decided to fly toward me, I was ready. My favorite shot is this one of three in flight.

Greater White-Fronted Geese in Flight

Amazingly, they settled right across the creek from me and proceeded to honk at the Canada Geese across the creek that seemed to be telling them very loudly that they don’t belong here.

Greater White-Fronted Geese

Sometimes I think the only time you really see a bird is the first time you see it. See it too often and you end up never really seeing it again, unless you’re desperate for picture and take a photo of it.

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