Weyerhauser Rhododendron Garden

I’ve been wanting to go to the Weyerhauser Rhododendron Garden since last Tuesday when a lady on their board told me that it was prime time. Today’s sunshine was all the push I needed to head out to give my new camera a work out.

I’ve taken so many rhododendron pictures over the years that I now find myself drawn to those that look atypical, and this one called Cinnabarnium certainly doesn’t look like any rhododendron I’ve ever seen before:

 Rhododendron Cinnabarnium

This one didn’t look very typical, either, though the colors are:

Pink Rhododendron

This rather striking one is more typical:

White and Pink Rhodie

And this one, with its brilliant pinks, could be an archetypical rhodie, showing why it’s the State Flower of Washington:

Typical Rhododendron

Rhododendrons are probably my favorite flower, perhaps because they remind me of home. Home wouldn’t be home without a rhodie, or two, or three.

2 thoughts on “Weyerhauser Rhododendron Garden”

  1. While we can grow many things here in Mississippi, rhododendrons are one thing that doesn’t work. We have azaleas, a close relative, and they’re beautiful, but my inner gardener wants to grow everything. So I’m jealous of your rhodies.

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