I am NOT Obssessed with Birds

When we left home yesterday we were sure that we were going to have to got to Pacific Science Center instead of Woodland Zoo because it was cloudy and raining hard here in Tacoma. As we approached Seattle, though, we started debating whether it was likely to rain or not. We finally decided that we would go to the zoo and hope for the best. It turned out to be a great day, though there was far too many grade school students for my taste.

I try to not have any preconceptions when I go out to shoot photos, but the results sometimes suggest otherwise. I’ll admit that I often find it difficult to come up with a new way to photograph “lions, tigers, and bears, oh my,” not to mention giraffes and elephants.

Close Up of Elephant

I did like this shot, though. I love elephants, but I’d never noticed their beautiful eyelashes until I took this shot.

Yesterday, despite numerous shots, I found it impossible to get a good picture of the “baby” gorilla because too many people were crowded next to the window, and, worse, yet, the glass was so smeared that the reflections were beyond repair. Instead, I had to be satisfied with this shot of the father, a remarkable specimen in his own right!

Male Gorilla

And, of course, I tried to get the obligatory shots of Lael and Kylan, but was constantly reminded of how hard it is to get two five-year-olds in the same frame, much less with expressions their mothers would be happy with.

Lael & Kyland

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