Grebes, and More Grebes

It was beautiful weather here Saturday, so we decided to go to Belfair rather than waiting for Sunday as usual. You never know when to trust the weatherman here in the Pacific Northwest.

On our way back, we decided to stop at Port Orchard again, despite the fact that a lot of the seem seem to have left in the last few weeks.

Boy, am I glad we did, for I got my first chance to see two different grebes in breeding colors. I still find it hard to believe that this Horned Grebe I took pictures of a week or so ago

Horned Grebe

has transformed into this elegant dandy.

Horned Grebe, breeding colors

I’m not even sure it’s fully made its transformation into its breeding colors, though I’m afraid the will be gone before I get back from my California trip.

I also got my first shot of a Red-Necked Grebe, at least in breeding colors.

Red-NeckedGrebe in breeding colors