Wood Ducks and More Wood Ducks

I’ve taken so many pictures because of last week’s sunshine, that I haven’t managed to show some of my favorites here. I usually try to limit myself to no more than four photos per entry, and I generally try to present some kind of “theme” so there are some good photos that never get shown here.

The sunshine continued today, and I needed to buy more of Skye’s chews. So I went to Steilacoom and had to take even more pictures. Had no choice. You can’t drive all the way to Lakewood without stopping at the Gyro shop for lunch and at Waughop Lake for a walk.

One of my favorites of the day is this one of a Wood Duck, which you’ve already seen many times before

Male Wood Duck in Breeding Colors

but I never tire of photographing them in spring because they remind me of Spring’s emerging colors.

In turn, this reminded me of last week’s shot at Nisqually,

Wood Duck in Reeds

one I loved as much for the setting as for the photograph of the Wood Duck itself.

No wonder I had so much trouble picking out photographs to donate to my daughter’s benefit and why I enjoy nearly every walk as if it were the first time I’d ever walked it.