Wildwood Park

Our hike in Wildwood Park clearly showed the importance of water in this part of California. The area around the falls was quite lush:


In fact, most of the area surrounding the stream was quite lush, at least where there was soil enough for vegetation to grow:.

Stream Bed

However, the cliffs lining the stream were quite different. Even though they held their own beauty,

it was a harsh, desert-like beauty.

5 thoughts on “Wildwood Park”

  1. OW! That’s MY kind of place – all except for the cactus. I love your photos of it, though. I’d love to wade in that stream.

  2. Are you sure that Inca tern is real, Loren – it looks stuffed to me! Lovely photos as usual – glad you had a lovely time. I hope Raph on Raph’s ramblings has seen that giraffe!

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