Back to Nisqually

A little afraid that I would the five-mile trail at Nisqually would close before I get back from California, I decided to brave the clouds after finally getting packed for my trip. It was darker than I liked and some of the pictures I thought might turn out didn’t because the camera was too slow to capture motion.

However, I was thrilled to manage to capture two different kinds of Yellow-Rumped Warblers, this Myrtle male in breeding colors

Myrtle Yellow-Rumped Warbler

and this Audubon’s male in breeding colors, one I don’t think I’ve gotten a picture of before.

Audubon Yellow-Rumped Warbler

As I walked out the parking lot, I was greeted by this White-Crowned Sparrow who seemed determined to get his picture taken, and I was happy to oblige:

White-Crowned Sparrow

I hope I get one more chance to walk the loop, but if I don’t at least I’ll have a good day to remember.

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  1. It will be “replaced” with a trail + boardwalk heading out from the barns to the mouth of McAllister Creek, as I understand it, kmj.

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