10 thoughts on “Crow on Branch”

  1. We have a rookery near our farm in North Yorkshire and in the winter they fly out together at dawn and return at sunset. You can hear them coming – sometimes high, sometimes low, sometimes having to tack against the wind. Perhaps ten thousand of them. They are one of the thrills of winter to me; I look forward to them every day. Ronald Blythe talks of their flight as “bits of carbonised paper from the bonfire” – such an apt description in the way they swoop and float and generally enjoy themselves.

  2. I love to watch all of the corvines, especially jackdaws. I fed a lapwinged one by my front door for years that especially liked a bit of muesli. Long since departed, sadly. There’s an enormous number of them around and about my old infants school towards roosting time this year though. It’s like a scene from Hitchcock. I saw a crow down in Newgale three summers ago that had a rook as a partner. Sweet that was. They flew off before I fired up my Suzuki for the ride back home.

  3. Your pictorial instincts are in high gear here. The angle, lighting, and the treatment of the branch all working well. There is almost too much drama, so much drama I can’t help thinking it deserves to be the title of a children’s book called The Legend of Captain Crow. Here’s the first sentence: Captain Crow woke up angry.

  4. I only wish I had as much control with watercolors as I do with Photoshop, jame.

    I took three quarters of watercolor in college in a Junior College, but that was a long time ago.

    The fact that I always loved watercolors more than oils has undoubtably influenced my work with Photoshop.

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