6 thoughts on “Success”

  1. I’m always curious about Chinese characters and the stories they tell. Is that the Chinese character for “success”? I wouldn’t be surprised if the character for “success” were made of elements symbolizing a heron catching a fish.

    It’s been a long time since I’ve see a heron from my porch. Before the cattails filled Scudder pond, I used to see herons searching for fish and frogs all the time. Yesterday, though, I looked up and saw a heron circling Scudder Pond. It flew almost directly over my head as I stood on my porch.

    Now I’m thinking about the herons seen recently by solitary walker and tarakuanyin. Coincidence?

  2. They are the symbols, top-down, for patience and happiness. For me, those two would seem to equal success.

    These were the first herons I’ve seen for awhile at Theler Wetlands. The nesting season seems to have ended and the herons are dispersing to other areas.

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