Pt. Defiance Dahlia Garden

A recent link to my site made me look back at August of last year, and I realized that the dahlias were in full bloom at the Pt Defiance Dahlia Garden by August 1st last year. Since clouds kept me from visiting Nisqually this morning, I decided with the first break in the clouds that I would head to the garden.

It was clear when I arrived that the dahlias are considerably behind last year’s schedule, not surprising considering our summer. But that didn’t mean that there wasn’t ample reason to visit now. It just gave you more time to admire the beauty of those dahlias that have blossomed already.

This one only had a number, not a name, but that didn’t make it any less spectacular in my estimation:

Yellow and Orange Dahlia

However, Northwest Cosmos was my favorite, simply blowing away the competition:

Dahlia: Northwest Cosmos

I think many of the roses are past their prime, but there always seems to be new roses coming on at least some of the plants until the frost hits. These were today’s favorite:

Three Red Roses