A Weed, By Any Other Name

Although the daisies have been around for awhile now, I haven’t managed to get a photo that I was happy with, so I carried another camera with a close-up lens when I went to Nisqually Sunday. Guess that’s what I needed, because I like this:


As long as I was carrying the camera, I decided that I also needed to update you on what has happened to Goatsbeard, or Salsify, which I showed earlier, which has now turned into a giant puff ball, just as Jamee suggested it would:

Salsify puffball

I think the above weeds appeal to the mathematician in me, but I’m not sure why these Fireweed also appeal to me:


Perhaps their appearance in clearcuts and recent forest fire burns symbolizes Nature’s ability to begin to heal disasters through natural Beauty.

6 thoughts on “A Weed, By Any Other Name”

  1. I know that last one as Rosebay Willowherb. It grows on waste ground here in London and apparently flourished enormously on bomb sites after the second world war. I googled to find out if they were the same plants (it appears it was introduced here from North America) and it seems to have lots of medicinal properties – http://www.dgsgardening.btinternet.co.uk/rbaywherb.htm.

    Your photographs are, as always, breathtaking 🙂

  2. How I envy your eye! and your camera too! These are gorgeous.

    I’ve got a bed full of day lilies right now that could use your skill – they are exceptional, but I just don’t seem to be able to get them.

  3. The daisy is actually my favorite. I’m thinking of putting it, with a few tweaks to emphasize the center swirl, on the wall as a mantra for meditation.

    Just keep taking pictures, Teresa. Actually, my very first digital camera excelled at taking flower pictures, and it would probably be considered “primitive” by today’s standards.

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