Silver Lining

I’m really not foolish enough to believe that every cloud has a silver lining — gone through far too much to believe that — but it really seems that one of the advantages of our cool, wet (dare one say, miserable) weather has been that there seem to be more wildflowers than usual, they are larger than usual, and they last much longer than usual.

And though I feel blessed to live next to the Pt. Defiance Rhododendron Garden and Rose Garden, wildflowers are still my favorite flowers, and I think Foxglove is my favorite of all:


2 thoughts on “Silver Lining”

  1. When Mum and I wrote about our shared breast cancer experience, she wrote a poem about the foxgloves in the park, which she and I both love(d), as they grow wild in Ireland too. And I remember one line she wrote, that I remember every time I see a foxglove: “Someone has hacked the heads off the foxgloves in the park. Why?” Every time I see someone desecrate something beautiful, I think of that line. So foxgloves remind me of spontaneous, wild beauty, unselfconsciously present in the moment, and also of incomprehensible acts of human destruction.

    Lovely pictures, as always.

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