Denver Zoo, Again

The more I visit the Denver Zoo the harder it is to come up with pictures that I’m really happy with, probably because I’ve already presented pictures here of animals that I found unusual

Still, I managed to find a couple of new things that I enjoyed. First was this rarely seen Lesser Panda:

Lesser Panda

that I can’t ever remember seeing before.

Here’s a white duck from Europe that I haven’t noticed before, either:

Unidentified Duck

and, finally, a shot of this East African Crowned Crane that I actually presented last year but can’t resist shooting again, and again:

East African Crowned Crane

6 thoughts on “Denver Zoo, Again”

  1. Gosh, I wish I were smart enough to caption that first one for i can haz cheezeburger. What do you think that little lesser panda (never heard of one of those before,) has on his mind?

    But I ain’t. Good with funny captions, that is.

    Gorgeous, gorgeous photography. What kind of camera you use? Mine just died, I think.


  2. I was using a Canon 40D with a 70-200mm zoom, Jannie.

    I would probably recommend the Canon Rebel as a better alternative unless you’re in to photography pretty seriously — and have retired and have few financial obligations.

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