At Nisqually last Monday, two young ladies told me that they were looking for a Brown Creeper nest, explaining that Brown Creepers generally build their nests under a piece of bark. As I was finishing my walk Friday, I saw a Brown Creeper climbing up a tree near the parking lot.

I sensed immediately that the Creeper must be building a nest, perhaps because that’s what I’ve been seeing all week. Sure enough, as I watched the Creeper carried a twig up the tree

Brown Creeper

ducked down into an opening in the bark

Brown Creeper

and disappeared from sight,

Brown Creeper

only to emerge a few seconds later

Brown Creeper

and fly off to gather more nesting material.

In the three years I’ve been birding, I’ve never managed to get a decent shot of a Brown Creeper, but armed with a new awareness I manage to get some great shots within a few days.

Probably pure coincidence, but I still find it completely Amazing.

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