And Some Song Birds

Our sunshine has disappeared overnight, but that gave me time to play with Photoshop and my new computer. Now it only takes seconds to compare various Photoshop effects, so you’re probably going to see more manipulated photos than in the past.

Wednesday’s shoot at Nisqually was split into two parts. The first part was devoted to taking pictures of song birds, which weren’t nearly as numerous as ducks and were skittish at best.

Finally, I spent a half hour standing in one place waiting for the sparrows to come back. I actually got several good shots of a Gold-Crowned Sparrow, but this is my favorite:

Gold-Crowned Sparrow

And while I was taking pictures of the sparrows foraging on the ground, this Spotted Towhee landed on a tree and proceeded to call loudly until I looked up and spent the next ten minutes taking pictures of it:

Towhee With Berry

3 thoughts on “And Some Song Birds”

  1. I was going to post a photo of an osprey I took, but your photos are so good, decided not to. You’re really getting bird photography mastered, Loren.

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