Nature Calls

I know it’s probably sheer coincidence, but I almost feel like the birds are calling for me, wanting to know why I’ve abandoned birding. Until recently I’ve never seen a Great Blue Heron around my house, but twice in the last two weeks one has flown by my den window or right over my head as I was going into the house.

The first time it seemed to be merely flying over this ridge to reach a different beach area, but when I didn’t take that hint it became more insistent today. Standing on the roof of the house across the street until I finally went out an hour later and took a picture of it:

Great Blue Heron on Roof

Of course, it probably just stopped there because it was gathering warmth from the home, but since I haven’t been out for birding since I don’t know when I felt like it was calling me.

Of course, it would help if we could get a little sunshine around here, and, depending on the weather forecast you look at, there’s not supposed to be any sun until next Monday, though one suggests it will be cloudy rather than rainy tomorrow. If it looks like there is an extended break, I will try to get to Nisqually tomorrow, though I’m not counting on it.

I’m afraid if I don’t get out pretty soon, the local Bald Eagles will swoop down and lift me to the nearest viewpoint.